The Fun of FemDom

I have always been kinky, but my exploration of FemDom over the last few years has opened up a whole new side of myself. I think I have been getting even more out of my female domination with the current climate of misogynist men that have been cropping up in the US with the currentContinue reading “The Fun of FemDom”

Podcast Episodes LIVE!

Check out my interview on the Myelin and Melanin Podcast. I talked about my journey in the kink community as a person with MS. You can find out more about the Myelin and Melanin podcast on the web at, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @myelinmelanin. Episode 101 & 102 | This Part: Intimacy & MS (Realm 5)Continue reading “Podcast Episodes LIVE!”

Advice on BDSM and Kink with MS

This is not medical advice these is my advice based on my personal experiences. I welcome others to comment below on this blog to share your advice and experiences. Here is a resource for you to look up any terms you may not know. BDSM Terms and Definitions. Communication and Honesty The most important thingContinue reading “Advice on BDSM and Kink with MS”

Preview of my Interview on the Myelin and Melanin Podcast.

Here is a bit of a preview of my interview on the Myelin and Melanin Podcast. I participated in their Intimacy & MS series and chatted about kink and MS. The podcast is being published on October 3, 2020 EST. Want to know where to start exploring your kinky side? Think about your porn preferences…doContinue reading “Preview of my Interview on the Myelin and Melanin Podcast.”

Dominatrix with Multiple Sclerosis

Thanks everyone who submitted questions to answer for my appearance on the Myelin & Melanin. I recorded the espisode I will be a guest on this past week…The episode will be published in September during the ladies series on “Intimacy and MS.” I will post the link to the podcast once it’s ready. I willContinue reading “Dominatrix with Multiple Sclerosis”

Ask a Dominatrix

I have eluded to this in previous blogs…I have an autoimmune disease called Multiple Schlorosis (MS). I will be interviewed on a podcast called “Myelin and Melanin”. This podcast is run by two Black women with Multiple Sclerosis that I respect greatly — Dawn (living in GA) and Daana (living in WI) — who share thier musings onContinue reading “Ask a Dominatrix”

Doing a PhotoShoot

Hello Friends and Fans, I am doing a photoshoot in 2 weeks. I am super excited, but I want suggestions on pictures people want to see. What type of clothes? Lace, Leather, Latex, etc…What type of shoes? High boots, low boots, open toe, closed toe heels, etc. Comment your suggestions.


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