Pleasure: Body and Mind

In this journey of becoming a pro-domme, I have realized that understanding the phycological parts of a kink, fetish, or someone’s BDSM interests is way harder than learning the actual techniques.

Techniques are something anyone can learn (and if you are a pro-domme you should learn to make sure no accidents happen), but what separates an average domme from an exceptional domme is knowing the reasons behind the kink. Getting into the phycology about why you and your play partner enjoy the activity will heighten the pleasure of the experience.

I had gotten into a rut when it came to my BDSM and fetish activities. During this journey of getting formally trained…I have done things I had not tried before or considered trying in order to practice techniques. I have discovered new interest that will provide me more pleasure when playing with partners and clients.

So continue to learn, try new things, and interact with new people. Just like any other profession you should always be striving to learn, grow, and keep up with latest techniques and equipment out there.

I will share some of my new found interest and kinks in my next blog.

The one thing that never changes…I love to be served by my subs and slaves.

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